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exFAT Driver for NAS

The driver allows the NAS to backup exFAT device content and make them usable for QNAP NAS applications.
QTS/QuTS hero File System
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*This product contains a non-transferrable license. Once you activate the license on one device, you will not be able to transfer the license to another device.

USD $3.99
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QNAP has teamed up with Microsoft and Paragon Software Group to provide a customized exFAT driver for QNAP NAS. For more information on using exFAT devices with QNAP NAS, see
Not Supported Models:
TAS-268 TAS-168 TS-269H TS-228 TS-128 TS-421 TS-221 TS-121 TS-420 TS-220 TS-120 TS-119 TS-119P TS-119P+ TS-119PII TS-219 TS-219P TS-219P+ TS-219PII TS-419 TS-419P TS-419P+ TS-419PII TS-112P TS-212P TS-412 TS-212 TS-112 TS-410 TS-210 TS-110 HS-210
Supported OS
QTS versions 4.3.4(2018/02/09) or later
  • The license is issued to only one NAS and is non-transferable.