Twonky Server 8.5

Twonky Server 8.5


Qsirch is a full-text search engine that helps you search for files on the NAS. It searches for files based on name, content, and metadata. Equipped with various search options, Qsirch also integrates with other QNAP applications for more efficient work productivity.

Get three months of Qsirch Premium for free before October 31, 2020. Plans will be full price after the free trial period.

QTS/QNE/QuTS hero Productivity
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What is Qsirch?

Qsirch is a fast, full-text search engine that enables you to find files based on filename, content, and metadata. You can choose from a variety of search options to quickly find documents, images, videos, emails, and other NAS-based files. Qsirch’s search functions are also available using a companion mobile app, browser extension, and Mac® Finder. Qsirch is useful for both homes and businesses, allowing home users to quickly find movies, songs or photos and helping business users increase their productivity by cutting down the time spent hunting for files.

How Qsirch works?

Qsirch automatically indexes all NAS-based files, allowing users to quickly find the files they need. Qsirch and QTS share the same privilege settings, so users can only find the files which they are authorized to. Administrators can remove shared folders from being indexed to protect sensitive data, and can also exclude backup folders from being indexed to avoid unnecessary system resource usage.

Note:Qsirch uses NAS CPU/ RAM resources when indexing files. Upon finishing, Qsirch will release the system resources. The indexing process will take longer when enabling Qsirch for the first time or when a lot of NAS files are added/removed.


  • Multiple Search Interfaces

    Use the QTS app, companion mobile app, browser extension (Chrome™, Firefox®) and Mac® Finder.

  • Search While You Type

    Simply choose categories, enter keywords, and the related files will be immediately displayed.

  • Advanced Filters and Tags

    Use “Include” and “Exclude” to streamline search results. Selected search conditions are shown as tags, allowing users to make quick adjustments by removing the tags.

  • Comprehensive Search

    Find files by filename, metadata (title, author, EXIF, IPTC, XMP, and more), and over 30 search conditions.

  • Preview and Share

    Quickly preview files and share them instantly via email, social media, share link, or with another NAS user.

  • Integration with other NAS apps

    Qsirch works alongside other NAS apps – such as QmailAgent (.eml file format) to easily search through your emails.

Multiple methods for finding files

  • Explore your NAS
  • Integration with Mac Finder
  • Smart Recommendations
  • Choose Shared Folders to be Searched
  • Search based on Permission Settings
  • Auto-archive Files
  • API for Custom Search Applications
  • Explore your NAS

    Get an overview of the files stored on the NAS and use tags to enhance your search experience.

  • Integration with Mac Finder

    Supports full text search.

  • Smart Recommendations

    Files you may also be interested in (determined by keywords and conditions) are displayed in the search preview page.

  • Choose Shared Folders to be Searched

    Administrators can add/remove specific shared folders for Qsirch. Confidential data can be excluded from indexing to improve data security.

  • Search based on Permission Settings

    Qsirch works in line with user accounts and shared folder permissions. It effectively protects data privacy and search results only return authorized files for each user.

  • Auto-archive FilesComing soon

    Use Qfiling directly in Qsirch to perform one-time or automatic archive tasks based on your search criteria.

  • API for Custom Search Applications

    The Qsirch API allows for third-party applications and system integration. Visit the following link for the API documentation: http://ip:port/qsirch/static/api-docs/v1/index.html

Image Search. Find Files Faster

By Photo Color

Qsirch indexes your photos based on their color content. You can quickly find the photos you need by selecting a color filter.

By Object

Qsirch works with the QuMagie Core AI engine to identify objects in photos, allowing you to find photos using keywords.

By Map

Find photos taken from a specific geographic area.

By PeopleComing soon

Using QuMagie Core AI-powered image recognition, Qsirch allows you to find photos based on the people in them. Simply click on someone’s face in a photo to find other photos that include the same person.

Text search in imagesComing soon

OCR technology recognizes text content in images and enables you to search using keywords.

License Plan


  • 3 filters available per file type.
  • "Include" and "Exclude" filters.
  • Full-text search on documents.
  • Advanced image search: color, object, map, OCR text search in images.


Coming soon
  • All filters available.
  • "Include" and "Exclude" filters.
  • Full-text search on documents.
  • Advanced image search: color, object, map, OCR text search in images, search by people.
  • Archive search results with Qfiling

Get Qsirch now

You can download Qsirch from the App Center for use in QTS 4.4.1 (or later) and QuTS hero operation system. Qsirch is supported by every x86-based and ARM-based NAS (excluding the TAS series) with at least 2GB RAM (4GB is recommended for optimum performance).

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Lite Premium
USD $29.99 / month
Full-text search
Search files by their name, metadata, and content.
Apply filters to narrow your search results.
Access to 3 filters per file. Access to all filters.
Advanced Image Search by color
Search for images that contain specific colors.
Advanced Image Search by object
Search for images that contain specific objects.
Advanced Image Search by text
Search for images that contain text.
Advanced Image Search by people
Search for images that contain a specific person.
Archive your search results
Qfiling integrates with Qsirch to archive your search results once or on a scheduled basis.