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Why you need QuTScloud?

  • Comprehensive cloud-based file management

    Optimize data use with cloud-based data filing

    QuTScloud provides complete file management, making it easier to access, share and manage cloud-based data.

    Comprehensive cloud-based file management
  • Instantly transfer data between branch offices

    Create a platform to achieve cross-site collaboration

    QuTScloud can be part of hybrid cloud systems, which enable multi-site teams to easily share files and collaborate.

    Instantly transfer data between branch offices
  • Looking for alternatives to a physical NAS?

    Handy and economical cloud NAS experience

    QuTScloud provides complete NAS functions without requiring on-site hardware. It is also easy to upgrade computing power and storage capacity on cloud platforms to meet future needs.

    Looking for alternatives to a physical NAS?

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Practical premium apps

  • QuMagie


    AI photo organizer

    Intelligently sort photos and recognize people within them.

  • Qsirch


    Powerful proprietary full-text search engine

    Includes advanced search and search filters for quickly finding files.

  • Qfiling


    Convenient auto filing

    Easily archive and manage data by automatically sorting files based on their file type.

  • QCR Converter

    QCR Converter

    Digitalization for images and text

    QNAP's OCR technology extracts text from image files, adding greater accuracy for file searching, and allowing you to read data from charts and diagrams.

  • QmailAgent


    NAS email manager

    Centralize and back up your email accounts – all through your NAS.

  • HybridMount


    Revolutionary hybrid cloud experience

    A file-based cloud gateway to mount multiple cloud storage, integrate cloud data, and ensure flexible and efficient data use.

  • Boxafe


    Comprehensive enterprise-level backup

    Back up your emails, cloud drives, contacts, and calendars from Google™ G Suite and Microsoft® Office 365®.

  • VJBOD Cloud

    VJBOD Cloud

    Your backup solution – VJBOD Cloud Block-Based Cloud Storage

    With its block-based storage, all the data you back up will remain unidentifiable when uploaded to cloud storage. This helps ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information.

  • McAfee Antivirus

    McAfee Antivirus

    Protection from malware and viruses

    Ensure the safety of your data by scanning and quarantining harmful files. Virus definitions are automatically updated to keep your data protected.