QuMagie for QuTScloud

  • Recognize faces, objects, themes, places, and keywords in photos with AI image recognition and metadata analysis.
  • Auto-organize photos based on people, objects, themes, places, or keywords.
  • Create different types of albums to personalize organization.
  • Use flexible search criteria with QuMagie's powerful search function.
  • Easily share albums or photos with share links.
  • Utilize the intuitive user interface for a streamlined experience.
QuTScloud Multimedia
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Explore the brand-new QuMagie

QuMagie is a photo management application that uses AI to help you manage photos and videos on QuTScloud. QuMagie integrates facial recognition and object classification to make browsing and organizing photos and videos easier than ever before. Purchase a license and see how smart it is:
  • QuMagie for QuTScloud - 1 Month Subscription
  • QuMagie for QuTScloud - 1 Year Subscription
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