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Qfiling automates file organization for you. All you need to do is categorize your files and set a schedule, and Qfiling will do the rest. It’s easy, smart, and efficient!

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  • Monthly
  • Annual
  • 100 one-time tasks
  • 100 scheduled tasks
  • 100 real-time tasks
  • 100 recipes
  • 30 one-time tasks
  • 30 scheduled tasks
  • 30 real-time tasks
  • 30 recipes
  • 100 one-time tasks
  • 100 scheduled tasks
  • 100 real-time tasks
  • 100 recipes
  • 30 one-time tasks
  • 30 scheduled tasks
  • 30 real-time tasks
  • 30 recipes
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How Qfiling works

When using QNAP NAS as centralized file storage, being able to efficiently organize files is a fundamental principle for everyday management and usage. But when faced with a huge number of files spread across multiple folders, it becomes increasingly harder, more time consuming, and frustrating to categorize and archive them. With Qfiling organizing files is now automatic and efficient.

Create your Qfiling rules in 3 steps

Qfiling provides an intuitive interface for creating custom file organization rules. Simply use the filters to find the files you need, select editing modules, choose a file destination, set the file structure and - voilà - all done!

Step 1

Qfiling provides various filters to determine files to organize, including file name, file size, modified date and more (several criteria require the Qsirch app).

Step 2

Use editing modules to automate editing tasks throughout the file organization process, including video transcoding, encryption/decryption, compression and more.

  • Video transcoding

    Converts videos to various resolutions and saves them using the universal MP4 format.

  • Subtitle pairing

    Moves subtitle files (.srt) to the same folder as their identically-named videos.

  • Encryption & Decryption

    Supports QENC file-level encryption and decryption (desktop users without a QNAP NAS can use the QENC Decrypter to decrypt QENC files. Click here to download)

  • Compression

    Compresses files into ZIP or 7z archive files.

  • Watermark

    Adds text or image watermarks to images or video files.

  • Resize

    Resizes images based on percentage or pixel values.

  • Convert

    Configure image quality and convert images to specific formats.

  • Face Blur

    Use the QuMagie Core AI engine to recognize faces and blur/pixelate them.

  • Image2PDF

    Converts and merges multiple images into PDF files.

Step 3

Set the destination path, folder structure, and add more options (such as renaming all the files) and your files will be organized to the right folder.

Not only file organizing but also smart recycling

Select the source path and use filter criteria (such as key words in the file name, file size, modified date, and more) to instantly move filtered files to the Recycle Bin (several criteria require the Qsirch app).

Schedule or set real-time tasks

  • One-time: Immediately processes the filing task with no repetition.
  • Scheduled: Set hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly filing schedules. Qfiling will automatically process filing tasks in the background.
  • Real-time: When files are detected in the source folder, Qfiling runs the required filing tasks immediately.

Flexible file transfer

Qfiling not only works on the local NAS, but also reaches external storage devices, remote NAS, and mounted cloud storage space (using HybridMount). Only selected categories will be backed up/moved to the destination.

Supports Qsirch and QuMagie apps to well archive files

  • Qsirch 5.0

    Use Qfiling directly in Qsirch 5.0 to perform one-time or automatic archival tasks based on your search criteria.

  • QuMagie 1.3

    AI albums created in QuMagie 1.3 work with Qfiling, simplifying the organization of huge photo collections.

Easy storage expansion with VJBOD

VJBOD allows you to flexibly enlarge the storage space of a NAS by using the unused storage of other QNAP NAS. This unique expansion method provides an easy way to ensure sufficient space when transferring files from multiple devices.
» Learn more about VJBOD

Use Qfiling now for these benefits

  • Fast

    Quickly and easily complete all the settings in just a few clicks.

  • Organized

    Files are well-organized and archived based on your settings.

  • Productivity

    Organizing files becomes automatic and periodic without needing any extra effort or time.

  • Management

    Keeping files organized simplifies file management and makes it easy to find and use desired files.

Get Qfiling now

Qfiling 3 system requirements: QTS 4.4.2 (or later). At least 4GB RAM is recommended for optimum performance.

Licensing plans

Plus Premium Bespoke
One-time tasks 8 30 100 Customized
Scheduled tasks 8 30 100 Customized
Real-time tasks 8 30 100 Customized
Recipes 8 30 100 Customized
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* Please update Qfiling to version 3.0.1 to enjoy the upgraded Lite plan.

LitePlus Premium
$39.99 / year
$3.99 / month
$100 / year
$10 / month
One-time tasks
The number of one-time filing and recycling tasks a user can create per session.
8 30 100
Scheduled tasks
The number of scheduled filing tasks and recycling tasks a user can create per session.
8 30 100
Real-time tasks
The number of real-time filing tasks and recycling tasks a user can create per session. Real-time tasks immediately archive newly-added files.
8 30 100
Filing recipes
The number of pre-configured filing rules a user can perform per session.
8 30 100